Prototype Fabrication

A prototype is an initial trial version of a product built. The prototype should closely represent the final product. First there needs to be a concept and a design for the product. Prior to building production tooling and a production part, it is wise to build a prototype part. The prototype part can be used to confirm conceptual design. Performance and validation testing, trade show display, and fit and function can be done with the prototype part without investing the amount of money required for production tooling. Typically, prototype tooling is approximately a quarter of the price of production tooling and can sometimes be utilized in the production program. This makes for a more efficient investment.

Molded Plastic has a long history of helping our clients create fully functional prototypes for their testing and evaluation needs. In addition, having Molded Plastic manufacture the prototype units also provides an opportunity for our engineers to help you analyze product design and may assist Molded Plastic in realizing additional program efficiencies. Employing Molded Plastic for the entire manufacturing process from prototyping through final production is a real strategic advantage.

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