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    Four decades of molding innovation

    Molded Plastic Industries (MPI) opened its doors in 1974, as a manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced products, focusing on our core values of quality, delivery and customer service. We began operations using open molding and liquid composite (a.k.a., cold molding and liquid compression) processes. In 1978, we became one of the first companies in the world to successfully make parts in a production environment using the then revolutionary process of Resin Transfer Molding.

    At the request of a major customer, as they shared with us a number of issues they faced with their current thermoforming supply base, we decided to expand our manufacturing capabilities to include the thermoforming/vacuum forming process. This provided Molded Plastic with the opportunity to enhance our business with a process that is beneficial to our customers and complements our fiberglass products.

    We have completed more than 1,500 projects for the agricultural, architectural, health care, transportation, recreational, industrial and communication industries worldwide. We have a combined 60,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity housed in two facilities.

    Today, we continue to expand our technological base with industry leading molding and thermoforming technologies serving a global market.